Prelaw Information

    Prelaw at Pitt-Johnstown
        An introductory pamphlet

    Applying for admission to law school
       An Information Packet for Juniors and Seniors

    The Law School Admission Council (LSAC)
            LSAT Registration (to take the exam)
            LSAT Site Information and Exam-taking Advice
            LSDAS (data-assembly) Registration (to apply to law schools)
            Links to Law School Home Pages (fundamentally on-line catalogues)

      For students interested in environmental law
           A primer on what to consider and what to look for.

        For students interested in telecommunications or media law
                Some information and links regarding this relatively complex and expanding field.

Other Useful Links

        Top Law Schools
            This site provides information on a full range of law schools, including assets, resources,
            and admissions profiles.

        Law School Numbers
            This site that allows students to match their application profile to recent admissions decisions
            of a full range of law schools.

        Law School Predictor
            This site allows students to enter their standardized GPA and LSAT score and calculate a 'probable
            decision' (from ADMIT to CONSIDER to DENY) on a full range of law schools for which admissions
            profiles are known.

      Becoming a Lawyer in Pennsylvania
           This site is a useful search engine for prelaw information - click on 'State Requirements' and then 'Pennsylvania'
            for information on the bar exam in Pennsylvania and types of practices in law.

      Considering a Paralegal Program (AAfBE)
           This site is helpful for those considering alternatives to law school, at least for now.

Current to August 2014